Floating in the Bebek Bay, Adem Baba quickly received the satisfaction of their customers. More recently, the restaurant renamed itself
Adem Baba Dalayan Balık and relocated to Arnavutköy, along the coast of the Bosphorus. Furthermore, the restaurant featured an intimate five table setting and delivery and pick up service in 2000.

In 2001, the name Adem Baba was trademarked as the name of the restaurant. The trademark name comes from Balıkçı Adem Baba (Fisherman Father Adem), an eldest brother of four.

In September of the following year, Adem Baba opened a new establishment in a restored Greek house. Today, Adem Baba operates two full restaurants, both offering delivery and pick up service. Our valuable customers are to thank for their business, it is due this loyalty that our restaurant’s name has continued to earn a strong reputation.

"Kaçan balık büyük olur, kaçamayan ızgara."